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Creative Skills/A Caring Approach/An Open Mind


Whether you are seeking a one-time consultation, a series of organizing sessions, or a long-term project, we can develop an organizing plan that works for you. 


My skill areas include:
- business and home offices
- closets/garages/basements
- filing systems
- kitchens
- memorabilia/photos/collections
- organizing assistance after the loss of a loved one
- paper/document management
- space planning
- time management/goal setting.


We begin with a free phone consultation to discuss your areas of concern. 


Next we meet at your home or office to create an organizing plan and start organizing!


Optional checklists help you maintain progress between sessions. 




Lauren was extremely helpful and professional. She had great ideas that helped me to sort out the chaos in my day-to-day activities.  Once Lauren showed me how to de-clutter my office and have systems in place, it became much easier to find necessary documents instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  Lauren was a pleasure to work with and was extremely efficient.  Thank you, Lauren!


Aaron Adler, Needham




Lauren is great. She helped me tackle a big project. She also gave me tips for things I could do on my own before she left.  I would definitely recommend her!"


S.G., Newton


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